Montreal massage therapist Alla Tereshchenko, is a Licensed massage therapist with the Association of Professional Massage Therapists of Québec and the Association of Massologists and Technicians in Massage of Canada.  She is entitled to provide receipts for your massage insurance claims.  Alla is capable of providing several forms of massage including Therapeutic, Swedish, Californian, Sport, Relaxation and Hot Stone Massage.
Hairstylist Giacinto Dethomasis invites you to visit Coiffure Le Ritz located in Spa Queen Mary.  With over 40 years of experience Giacinto is happy to announce that his daughter Lora Dethomasis will be joining the Coiffure le Ritz team.

Tanning is one of the quickest ways to improve your appearance in a short amount of time. Lie down in one of our tanning beds to get an even tan from head to toe. Shut your eyes, relax and doze off while the bulbs gently bronze your skin for that healthy look.

Airbrushed tans - our sunless tanning services
Worried about negative effects from UV ray exposure?  Our professionally applied airbrushed tans provide an alternative option for those wanting to get that tanned look. Feel free to call us to book an appointment.
At Spa Queen Mary we have all facets of services to pamper you.  Start with a relaxing massage, and move on you get your hair and nails done.  You deserve to be treated like a princess!

Even men need to unplug once in awhile.  Injuries from too many weekend warrior activities?  Not a problem, Alla will massage the pain out a Jimmy will get your hair clipped for this weeks important meetings.
Therapeutic Massage

Swedish Massage

Californian Massage

Sport Massage

Relaxation Massage

Hot Stone Massage
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Dethomasis hair care products
Customers can also take advantage of Jimmy's custom line of Dethomasis hair care products, made in combination with the best manufacturers from Quebec and Italy.